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We Are Recruiting!
Armageddon is currently recruiting the following:
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Welcome to Armageddon of Talnivarr EU
Armageddon is a social raiding guild built upon old and strong friendships, it has progressed through three different guild names over 4 years, and is currently under the control of guild leader Beffertje, and his several officers. Here at Armageddon we want to have fun, we don't take the game too seriously but we still raid and make progress through everything we do. Armageddon is currently progressing through Icecrown citadel with two 10 man teams and one 25 man team.
                                      - See you inside :)
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We Are Recruiting!

stapesjr, Jun 1, 10 7:21 PM.
Armageddon is once again recruiting new raiders, for more infomation or to apply to the guild simply vistit our website forums and write out your application on there. We look forward to reading your application soon!

Armageddon Has a new guild Website!

stapesjr, Jun 1, 10 6:11 PM.
Welcome to Armageddons new website, this new website is designed to keep members up to date about current guild news, guild progress, tips, hints and other World of Wacraft related news and fun. Site admins will be updating the site daily because it's members deserve the best, so try to keep active on the website as well as in game!

Current guild members! Sign up and go write on the forums!
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European: Talnivarr (PvP)
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